Micro Arcadian Titanium Dirty Bronze Click

CWF Custom Flashlights
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The CWF Micro Arcadian needs no introduction. Dirty Bronze finish with a Carry Commission Engraved Clip. 

The Micro Click features a rear switch design and uses the Chimera driver, which offers the same programmability as the Dragon driver including thermal regulation, unique for a driver of this size.

The Click is powered by your 10440 battery, incorporates a 12mm led mcpcb within a copper pill for superior thermal transfer over the standard 10mm led board in most lights this size. Nichia 219c leds are used to take advantage of the larger smooth style reflector for a superior beam profile. Packing a big punch in a small package, the Micro outputs 650 lumens in a smooth beam comparable to the Arcadian. 



Small But Mighty

The Micro Arcadian Click is one of our favorite EDC flashlights. Period. Powered by a 10440 battery, it's effectively the same size as your run of the mill AAA flashlight. But don't let its small stature fool you. It's bright. Very bright.