CC Titanium MQR V3 Bronze Topo

Urban Carvers
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No one likes keys hanging from the ignition, smacking you in the leg every time you take a corner. Carabiners can be finicky. And split rings are your fingernails' natural-born enemy.

Enter the Magnetic Quick Release from Urban Carvers.

You get the quick disconnect function of a carabiner and when ready to reattach your car key to the keychain, the magnets do what they do best. You also have the option of attaching your keys to anything ferrous for storage because ... magnets.

The titanium MQR from Urban Carvers is machined from solid GR2 titanium and each half is embedded with an N42 neodymium magnet rated at 6-7lbs of pull. That means they're strong enough to hold your keys through day to day activities, but still easy to remove quickly and effortlessly. They also come with two 3/4" split rings.

These custom quick releases were bronze anodized and rotary lasered with a topographic map pattern.